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Club life

The Culture Club was set up out of an unashamed obsession with company culture. We believe in providing real, simple, tangible and implementable changes that will help to create the culture you want and need.

We’re a breath of fresh air away from over-complex consultation. We work with clients to build solutions together, adding our expertise to theirs to shape an organisation’s culture through employee engagement, experience and communication.

And we like to have fun along the way!

Club rules

#1 keep it simple

#2 no bullshit

#3 roll your sleeves up

#4 laugh at least once a day


Turning plans into action

A new year brings fresh ideas, new objectives and ambitious plans to deliver over the next 12 months and beyond.  We love big ideas and goals - and we love seeing those plans turned into impactful actions even more.

August book club

Warren Berger, expert ‘questionologist’ and champion of inquiry brings us this Book of beautiful questions. It’s full of research, insight and banks of questions focused on decision making, creativity, relationships and leadership.